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100% Dentist Owned


About Us

Oral Health Brands empowers Dentists to maintain independent ownership and utilize business resources traditionally reserved for large dental service organizations. By working together and combining resources, clinic owners are able to reduce their practice management responsibilities and costs. Oral Health Brands is proudly 100% Dentist owned. 



This service is for owners who do not have a dental receptionist due to hiring challenges, or have made the decision to reduce overhead through outsourcing administrative work. 


In addition to traditional bookkeeping, we provide practices with Key Performance Indicators that can be used by owners to benchmark their performance among colleagues and find efficiencies to help improve their practice.


Oral Health Brands imports and distributes dental supplies on behalf of its clients. We work closely with partners to automate their inventory management. 

Practice owners choose to partner with Oral Health Brands when they want an established brand that has built-in systems, processes, and procedures. Our franchised brands help owners establish and streamline their business.

In addition to advising on the sale of a practice, our team also assists owners in preparing their practice for sale. Typically a 12-18 month process, our team thoroughly analyses important aspects of  the  business  to  help improve performance and increase the sale price.

Human Resources

With dental clinics being in the service industry, Human Resources plays a crucial role in our client's success. We provide practice owners with support in filling job vacancies, negotiating employee terms, developing strategies to retain staff, managing employee concerns, and providing job-related feedback to employees.



Our dental practice partners require highly-skilled individuals to operate their businesses. Oral Health Brands assists its clients and the dental industry at large by educating dental assistants, hygienists and others to help ensure there is an adequate labor pool of licensed individuals to fill job vacancies.



Oral Health Brands provides marketing services to dental clinics. Our people understand the intricacies of the industry from provincial advertising guidelines to what advertising methods attract the most patients. We work with practices to develop and maintain their brand through various mediums.

Practice Advising

Oral Health Brands provides payroll administration services to clinics. We manage the setup and ongoing maintenance of payroll systems so practice owners can be confident that their staff is being compensated in a timely and accurate manner. Our people track and coordinate pay for employees and independent contractors.

Practice Start-Up

Oral Health Brands provides consulting services to those looking to open dental practices and dental clinic facilities. We have helped our clients find locations, secure real estate, design clinics, order equipment, instruments and supplies, train staff and more. Together, we have been able to learn from our clients as well as help them reduce costly mistakes when starting a new clinic.

Practice Acquisition

With experience owning and operating dental clinics in Canada. Our team understands what to look for when acquiring a clinic and has assisted dentists in buying existing, revenue-producing practices. We support them by sourcing clinics to purchase, performing due diligence, negotiating purchase terms and helping close the deal.

Practice Exit

In partnership with Dental Evolution Partners (, Oral Health Brands provides practice exit advisory services. Primarily focusing on large and group practice sales, we help our owners find valid buyers and maximize their sale price. By working with our team, sellers have someone acting on their behalf that is focused on their best interests.

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