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Framework For Efficiency

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Oral Health Brands was established in 2019. The purpose of the company was to develop a framework to service a growing network of dental clinics with individuals that focused on specific areas of business operations. We started with one office in Saskatchewan and slowly grew. The first clinics were used as a testing ground for new products, technologies, and systems. Our team was aware of the changing business landscape within the dental industry and invested in developing an organization that allowed practices to gain access to resources typically reserved for large corporations.

Promoting Independent Ownership

As the dental industry in Canada evolved and the prominence of large dental service organizations grew, the leadership at Oral Health Brands knew that independent practice owners needed a solution to maintain their independence while having access to the same business resources available to large groups. Because most dental clinics are small businesses they cannot justify the investment in specialized people, systems, and resources that large corporations can. By allowing dental practice owners to come together and utilize these resources fractionally, they receive the benefit without the high expenses.

Dentist Chairs

Facilitating Vertical Integration

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Dental clinics incur expenses while operating their businesses. In doing so, they direct funds to outside companies which ultimately creates value for those external entities. Oral Health Brands allows qualified clients to purchase shares in the corporation and therefore direct their operating expenses to a company that they own. Instead of creating value in outside organizations, clinic owners are able to increase their net worth by redirecting funds they would otherwise be spending elsewhere. Proving to be a financially beneficial wealth-generation strategy for shareholders.

Reducing Practice Management

Oral Health Brands allows clinic owners to reduce their practice management responsibilities. By sharing our people that specialize in various areas of business operations such as human resources, marketing, administration, and others, clinic owners do not have to hire or manage these staff members. In delegating this responsibility to Oral Health Brand's people, dentists can maintain ownership without the extra work of managing their practice, allowing them to focus on treating their patients.

Dentist Appointment
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