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Oral Health Brands provides dental practice support services to our shareholder's clinics as well as those that are not company owners. If interested in any of our services, business divisions, or in learning how to become a shareholder, please contact us.


We provide practices with administrative services typically performed by a dental receptionist. This service addresses a need when owners are unable or have opted not to hire a receptionist due to a variety of reasons including a lack of qualified applicants, deciding to reduce the number of staff one has to manage, or favoring group redundancy to help reduce downtime when staff is away. Our administrative team performs many services, some of which include the following,

  • Answering phone calls, text messages and emails

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Completing referrals

  • Answering questions regarding treatment options

  • Submitting insurance preauthorizations and claims

  • Following up on outstanding treatment and recalls

Human Resource Management

With dental clinics being in the service industry, human resources plays a crucial role in our client's success. We provide our practice owners with support in filling job vacancies, negotiating employee terms, developing strategies to retain staff, managing employee concerns, providing job-related feedback to employees, and terminating staff. This area of a dental practice business can be time and energy consuming for the owner and is typically managed by someone that does not have the expertise. Working with individuals who focus on human resources allows for more control and efficiency.

Dental Supplies Distribution and Management

Oral Health Brands imports and distributes dental supplies on behalf of its clients. We work closely with clinic owners and operators to help manage and automate their supplies inventory tracking and reordering. Being one of the largest costs in a dental clinic's operations, efficient supplies management is crucial to our clinic partners' success. By combining the resources of multiple clinics and sharing the cost associated with employing a supplies specialist, clinics get access to individuals that spend more time managing supplies than traditional practice staff. Given their focus on this area of the business, our people are more efficient and have an increased knowledge of dental supplies management.

Bookkeeping and Key Performance Indicator Tracking

Oral Health Brands provides bookkeeping services to dental offices. Our bookkeepers focus on the dental industry and understand the needs of a dental business. In addition to traditional bookkeeping, we provide practices with key performance indicators. By aligning their practice with others in the Oral Health Brands group, owners can gauge the performance of different aspects of their business.


Our dental practice partners and clients require highly-skilled individuals to operate their businesses. Oral Health Brands assists not only its clients but the dental industry at large by educating dental assistants, hygienists and others to help ensure their is an adequate labor pool of licensed individuals to fill job vacancies. By being closely connected to the training and education of clinical staff, our partners can be confident that their practice will be properly and adequately staffed.


Oral Health Brands provides marketing and advertising services to dental clinics. Our people understand the intricacies of the industry from provincial advertising guidelines to what marketing methods attract the most new patients. We work with practices to develop and maintain their brand through various mediums. Oral Health Brands also coordinates the grouping of independently owned practices under a single brand to help strengthen the recognition and power of the brand.

Franchising & Licensing

Practice owners choose to become a franchisee or licensee of one of Oral Health Brands' dental clinic brands when they want a pre-established brand that comes with built in systems, processes and procedures. It requires less effort from the owner as many aspects of the business have been set up for them. Franchising and licensing are similar, however, licensing provides more flexibility but requires more input from the operator.

Payroll Administration

Oral Health Brands provides payroll administrative services to clinics. We manage the setup and ongoing maintenance of payroll systems so practice owners can be confident that there staff is being compensated in a timely and accurate manner. Our people track and coordinate pay for hourly, salary and commission-based employees and independent contractors.

Practice Advising

Our team from varying disciplines provides practice owners with advice on how to establish, improve or maintain different aspects of their business.  We sit down with our clients to determine their goals. Our people collect data and analyze the various aspects of the operations including staffing, legal, clinical production, overhead, supplies, equipment, marketing, administration, finance, accounting, and others to determine what can be improved. We stay with our clients along the journey to adjust strategies as needed and maintain accountability.

In addition to ongoing practice management, our team also assists owners in preparing their practice for sale. Typically a 12-18 month process, our team "drills" down on the important aspects of the business, cleans them up and increases their performance to make the clinic more attractive to buyers and ultimately increase the selling price. Owners typically do not recognized the untapped potential within their practice as they do not see it from the perspective of an independent third party. What has made their practice successful as a lifestyle business does not always suit them best when exiting.

Practice Start Up Consulting

Oral Health Brands provides consulting services to those looking to open dental practices and clinic facilities. We have helped our clients find locations, secure real estate, design clinics, source equipment, instruments and supplies, train staff and more. Together, we have been able to learn from our clients as well as help them reduce costly mistakes when starting a new clinic.

Practice Acquisition Consulting

With experience owning and operating dental clinics in Canada, our team understands what to look for when acquiring a clinic and has assisted dentists in buying existing, revenue producing practices. We support them by sourcing potential clinics to purchase, performing due diligence, negotiating purchase terms and helping close the deal.

Practice Exit Advisory

In partnership with Dental Evolution Partners (, Oral Health Brands provides practice exit advisory services. Primarily focusing on large and group practice sales, we help our owners find a valid buyer and maximize their sale price. By having an independent advisor, sellers can be confident they have someone working for them that is not emotionally connected to the practice and will capture the most value for their business.

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