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Locum Docs

Locum Dentist Placements

Provider absences are difficult. Losing production is detrimental. 

Locum Docs is a placement agency for temporary general and specialist dentists. We work with both clinicians and practices to fill vacant positions on a short-term basis.

Historically the dental industry lacked a sufficient locum network. It left clinic owners in a tough position during times of fluctuation. This is why we created Locum Docs. To help relieve them of the negative emotional and financial aspects of losing a primary revenue producer.

Clinic life is unpredictable, let us help...


Hire temporary dentists to help your clinic with the following,

  • Maintain production

  • Prevent forced holidays for staff

  • Reduce patient waiting lists

  • Cover for a maternity leave

  • Fill in for an unexpected injury or illness

  • Ensure your patients have an emergency provider

  • Cover clinicians for an extended holiday


Fill in for practice owners and receive benefits such as the following,

  • Above average compensation

  • Daily income guarantees

  • No long-term commitment 

  • Schedule flexibility

  • An opportunity to experience a new part of the country

  • Avoid ongoing, difficult patients

  • See how other offices operate

Got questions? We'd love to chat!


Thanks for reaching out, someone from our team will be in contact soon!

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